Dialysis Access & Arm Vein Care with special guest Tej Singh of Fist Assist Devices LLC

Episode 146: Dialysis Access & Arm Vein Care with special guest Tej Singh of Fist Assist Devices LLC. Fist Assist Devices, LLC has developed the only wearable patent-protected intermittent compression device for vein dilation for patients with end-stage renal disease. The non-invasive device provides intermittent pressure to a specific arm vein, with the goal of helping dilate the vein after fistula placement. Providing better vein dilation for hemodialysis patients can ensure that the fistula reaches optimal size without delays or extra procedures, ultimately reducing costs for both patients and the dialysis providers.

Interventional Nephrologist Dr. Qasim Butt and Kidney Health Coach James Fabin interview vascular surgeon Dr. Tej Singh about arm vein care, the First Assist device, and how Fist Assist can be used by kidney patients for vein dilation and vein enlargement before and after arm fistula surgery,

Learn more about the Fist Assist device for arm vein care at http://fistassistdevices.com/

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Dr. Qasim Butt is a highly skilled and well-rounded physician that serves the San Antonio area. He not only practices clinical nephrology but is also a certified interventional nephrologist able to handle all issues related to dialysis access (fistulas, graft, catheters, etc.). He is board certified by the ABIM in both internal medicine and nephrology. He is also a skilled interventional nephrologist and is certified by the American Society of Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology.