Diabetes and Kidney Disease: What a diabetic (Type 1, Type 2, & Pre) must know about Kidney Health

Episode 184:Diabetes and Kidney Disease: What a Type 1, Type 2, & Pre diabetic must know about CKD & treatment. Diabetes is one of the biggest factors that increases your risk for kidney disease and the number one cause of kidney failure. More than 34 million Americans have diabetes, and almost half of all kidney failure cases are caused by diabetes. Dr. Rosansky discusses the connection between diabetes (Pre-diabetes, Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, and Gestational diabetes) and Chronic Kidney Disease and shares why it is important to manage your blood sugar to prevent damaging your kidneys, eyes, and other organs. Dr. Rosansky is a retired Nephrologist and author of the helpful book Learn The Facts About Kidney Disease.

Dr. Rosansky discusses:
What is Diabetes
The 4 Types of Diabetes - Pre-diabetes, Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, Gestational diabetes
Kidney Disease and Diabetes
Diabetic Kidney Disease Treatment (Diabetic Diet & Type 2 Diabetes Treatment)
Diabetes and Kidney Damage, Blood Vessel Damage, Eye Damage
Insulin Pumps
Preventing diabetic kidney failure
Medications used in treating diabetes


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