Low Carb and Kidney Disease: How To Eat Low Carb, lose weight and keep it off with Dr. Rosansky

Episode 190: Low Carb and Kidney Disease: How To Eat Low Carb, lose weight and keep it off with Dr. Rosansky. Dr. Rosansky earlier explained why he recommends a low carb diet for those with diabetes and/or chronic kidney disease. A low carb diet can help you lose more weight (especially fat), can increase "good" HDL Cholesterol and more. A low carb diet can be used to manage Type 2 Diabetes while also decreasing your risk of heart disease. Dr. Rosansky shares his recommendations on how to eat low carb on a renal diet based on his extensive history researching and treating both Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease. Dr. Rosansky is a retired Nephrologist and author of the book Learn The Facts About Kidney Disease. Note: This is a Low Carb Diet, NOT a Keto diet.

Dr. Rosansky will discuss:
How to make a low carb diet work for Kidney Patients with eGFR 30+
Why do you lose weight on a low carb diet
Low carb diet can help type 2 diabetics manage their blood sugar
Weight loss can stabilize or improve kidney function
Who is a low carb diet good for
What is a low carb diet (1/4 of food - Keto is 1/10 and too low)
How to get into a habit you can maintain
The physical and physiological processes you need to change to be a healthy eater (mindfulness eating)
The importance of eating in moderation and portion control - don’t need to count calories
Focus on the eating experience
How long it takes to lose weight
Tricks to mindfulness eating
Why we eat - how emotions trigger automatic eating
When to eat and why not to wait till you are very hungry
Benefits of chewing slower
Tips for snacking
How to use liquids (water, tea, coffee) to reduce how much you eat
Don’t drink your calories
The science behind low-calorie sweetness (used in moderation) sold in the U.S.
Tips for eating out (avoiding bread, substitutions, not eating the entire serving)
Importance of not taking on too many diet changes at once
Positive Self Talk
Why not to weigh yourself daily


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