Can Stress Cause Kidney Stones? The Importance Of Gratitude Meditation to prevent kidney stones

Episode 134: Can Stress Cause Kidney Stones: The Importance Of Gratitude Meditation to prevent kidney stones. Kidney disease and issues related to the kidney bring on different challenges for different people. But some common feelings show themselves over and over again: stress and anxiety. Whether short term or long term, these feelings are common but often overlooked in kidney patients. But the question still arises- can stress cause kidney stones or other damage to our kidneys? And then on the other hand- how do we deal with the stress of having kidney stones or damage to our precious kidneys? Jen Hernandez discusses the importance of gratitude meditation to prevent kidney stones and possible further kidney damage.

Renal Dietitian Jen Hernandez's Mission:

To simplify the nutritional needs for individuals with chronic kidney disease, and to decrease the prevalence of kidney disease by providing nutrition education including realistic and wholesome lifestyle changes.

Jen helps those with chronic kidney disease find their best kidney-friendly diet so that they can spend less time stressing over keeping their kidney function and get more control of their life!

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