How To Prevent Kidney Stones: Renal Diet and Kidney Stone Treatment

Episode 073: How To Prevent Kidney Stones: Renal Diet and Kidney Stone Treatment. Renal Dietitian Jen Hernandez and James of Dadvice TV discuss kidney stones and how to prevent kidney stones with modifications to your renal diet. using diet to prevent kidney stones is a great way to reduce the risk of developing kidney stones, or to aid you in the treatment of current kidney stones. The best way to prevent most kidney stones is to drink enough fluids every day. If you have kidney disease (CKD) and need to limit fluids, ask your doctor how much fluid you should have each day. Limiting sodium and animal protein (meat, eggs) in your diet may also help to prevent kidney stones. If your doctor can find out what your kidney stone is made of, he or she may be able to give you specific dietary recommendations to help prevent future kidney stones.

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Jen Hernandez and the other renal dietitians of Plant-Powered Kidneys help those with kidney disease find their best kidney-friendly diet 🥑 ! Jen's kidney warriors spend less time stressing over the "right" foods to eat 😓 and more time saving their kidney function and loving life 🙌 !

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