Kidney Disease and Plant Based Diet: 5 Reasons to follow a Plant-Based Diet when you have CKD

Episode 174: Kidney Disease and Plant Based Diet: 5 Reasons to follow a Plant-Based Diet when you have CKD. There has become so much discussion around kidney disease and plant based diet. However, many tend to start such a change without understanding why. When making a change in the diet, one of the ways to help make sure it sticks is to understand why a plant-based diet for kidney disease can help. Can you answer that? It goes beyond just “it’s what I was told to do,” or “it’s healthier.” Renal Dietitian Jen Hernandez discusses the 5 reasons those with Chronic Kidney Disease should follow a plant-based diet.

We will discuss:
Plant-Based Diet Trends
5 reasons you should follow a plant-based diet For kidney disease
- You need more potassium
- You probably need more fiber
- Plant-based can mean better blood sugar control
- You’ll take in less saturated fats
- You’re guaranteed to get in more antioxidants
Don’t think you can go fully plant-based or vegan?
How much should I aim for if I’m still including animal proteins?

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Renal Dietitian Jen Hernandez's Mission:

To simplify the nutritional needs for individuals with chronic kidney disease, and to decrease the prevalence of kidney disease by providing nutrition education including realistic and wholesome lifestyle changes.

Jen helps those with chronic kidney disease find their best kidney-friendly diet so that they can spend less time stressing over keeping their kidney function and get more control of their life!

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