Low Potassium Diet For Kidney Patients: What You Need To Know From A Renal Dietitian

Episode 176: Low Potassium Diet For Kidney Patients: What You Need To Know From A Renal Dietitian. Has your doctor talked with you about a low-potassium diet? Have you been looking for information about kidney disease and read so much about potassium your head is spinning? While not everyone with kidney disease needs to follow a low-potassium diet, it may be advised to you. This can be one of the most important parts of your renal diet.

Renal Dietitian Jen Hernadez Covers:
What is Potassium?
How does kidney disease affect potassium?
Potassium Levels in the Blood
Symptoms of High Potassium
Symptoms of Low Potassium
How do I Know How Much Potassium I’m Eating?
Low-Potassium Diet and Foods
How much potassium should I have on a low potassium diet?
Can I follow a low-potassium diet when I’m plant based?
Low-Potassium Vegetables
Low-Potassium Fruits
Low-Potassium Proteins
Low-Potassium Grains
Low-Potassium Beverages
Low-Potassium Snacks
How to Lower Potassium in Foods
-Double-Boiling Method
-Low Potassium Potatoes using the Double-Boil Method
Mix in Low Potassium Foods with High Potassium Foods
How Long Do I Need to Be on a Low Potassium Diet?
What if My Potassium is Still High, Even on a Low Potassium Diet?
Potassium Binders
Blood Sugar Control
GI Upset

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