Lower Uric Acid Levels: What to eat to avoid Gout and Prevent Uric Acid Kidney Stones

Episode 183: Lower Uric Acid Levels: What to eat to avoid Gout and Prevent Uric Acid Kidney Stones. Gout is caused by a buildup of uric acid. When uric acid levels are high, uric acid stones (the second-most common type of kidney stone) may form. Gout and kidney stones are both found to increase the risk of developing chronic kidney disease. These health issues are also heavily influenced by dietary factors such as protein, fluids, and produce. By focusing on controlling both gout or kidney stones, the kidneys may also be protected.

Renal Dietitian Jen Hernandez Covers:
What Is Gout?
What Causes Gout?
Who Is At Risk For Gout?
What Are The Symptoms Of Gout?
How Do I Know If I Have Gout?
Medications And Gout
Gout And Chronic Kidney Disease
Is There A Relationship Between Gout and Kidney Stones?
Can You Dissolve Uric Acid Kidney Stones?
Foods To Limit or Avoid With Gout and Kidney Stones
Foods To Include With Gout and Kidney Stones
Vitamin C

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Renal Dietitian Jen Hernandez's Mission:

To simplify the nutritional needs for individuals with chronic kidney disease, and to decrease the prevalence of kidney disease by providing nutrition education including realistic and wholesome lifestyle changes.

Jen helps those with chronic kidney disease find their best kidney-friendly diet so that they can spend less time stressing over keeping their kidney function and get more control of their life!

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