Episode 186: Lower Creatinine: How Kidney Patients can reduce creatinine & why creatinine is not the problem. Creatinine is a waste product that comes from the normal wear and tear on muscles in the body. Everyone has creatinine in their bloodstream. Healthy kidneys filter this out so that the amount remains very low. When your kidneys are damaged, your blood will have more creatinine in it. Because of this, doctors can use the amount of creatinine in your blood to estimate your kidney function (eGFR). Creatinine is Not the problem - it’s the indicator of other problems. With kidney disease, we need to Focus on not artificially increasing creatinine.

Avoid supplements with Creatine - these, like some medications, will artificially increase your creatinine, making your creatine level high.

Stay properly hydrated - dehydration will make your creatine levels high and overhydration will put stress on your kidneys while artificially lowering your creatine level.

Stay active - while strenuous exercise can make your creatinine levels high temporarily, we need exercise to maintain muscle strength

Avoid eating large amounts of animal protein which will make your creatine level high - instead, incorporate more plant-based foods

Eat enough fiber - a renal dietitian can help you find the right foods

Avoid things that are bad for your kidneys - like smoking, using NSAIDS, consuming excessive sodium, etc. As more damage is done to your kidneys, your creatinine level will increase (along with other toxins in your blood).

Get a good nights sleep


In the end, you’re trying to live healthily and avoid things that place a burden or stress on your kidneys. Focus on your overall health and managing any symptoms you may have. These tips can help you prevent increasing your creatinine, and a result of living healthier may be a lower creatinine level.

Lower Creatinine: How Kidney Patients can reduce creatinine & why creatinine is NOT the problem