Kidney Diet: The Low Phosphorus Diet - What you need to know from a renal dietitian

Episode 182: Kidney Diet: The Low Phosphorus Diet - What you need to know from a renal dietitian. If you have kidney disease, chances are you heard of the low phosphorus diet. Phosphorus is an organic compound. It is an essential nutrient for our bones, teeth, DNA, and RNA. It is also required for the cell membrane structure and is part of the body’s main energy source. Phosphorus is something that can be very difficult to control when the kidneys aren’t functioning well. Renal dietitian Jen Hernandez of Plant-Powered Kidneys ( discusses what kidney patients need to know about a low phosphorus diet.

Renal Dietitian Jen Hernandez Covers:
What is Phosphorus?
How Does Kidney Disease Affect Phosphorus?
Phosphorus Levels in the Blood
How Much Phosphorus do I Need?
What Happens if Phosphorus Gets Too High?
What Happens if Phosphorus Gets Too Low?
Phosphorus Absorption Rates
Organic & Inorganic Phosphorus
Phosphorus in Plants, Animals, and Additives
Who Should be on a Low Phosphorus Diet?
Who Doesn’t Need to be on a Low Phosphorus Diet?
Foods High in Phosphorus
Low Phosphorus Diet
Plant Proteins in the Low Phosphorus Diet
Low Phosphorus Drinks
How to Read Labels for Phosphorus
But what about when I go out to eat?
Does boiling work to lower the phosphorus of food?
What if My Phosphorus is Still High Even with a Low Phosphorus Diet?

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