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Books on Kidney Disease

Introducing the "Stopping Kidney Disease Progression" series by Michigan author James Fabin, a powerful resource for individuals navigating the challenges of kidney disease (CKD) and seeking to improve their kidney health. This series comprises three transformative books that provide invaluable insights, practical guidance, and proven strategies to thrive with Kidney Disease and slow its progression for both the kidney disease patient and the caregiver.

Book #1, "Conquering Kidney Disease: A Survivor's Guide to Thriving With CKD," offers an essential overview of James Fabin's personal journey in successfully avoiding dialysis and improving kidney health through diet and lifestyle changes. This comprehensive guide serves as a beacon of hope for those newly diagnosed with kidney disease, providing a roadmap to understanding the condition and offering actionable steps to take control of their health. Drawing on the content from nearly 300 Dadvice TV videos, this book distills the wealth of information into a digestible format, empowering readers with knowledge and inspiration.

Book #2, "Conquering The Kidney Diet: Thriving with CKD Through Nutrition" takes a deep dive into the kidney diet (renal diet), providing a comprehensive understanding of how nutrition plays a vital role in managing kidney disease and the importance of working with a renal dietitian. This second installment is specifically designed for individuals with kidney disease who are not yet on dialysis. It equips readers with the knowledge, tips, and proven strategies to optimize their kidney health through the power of nutrition. By embracing a holistic approach and making informed dietary choices, readers can slow the progression of kidney disease and delay the need for dialysis.

Book #3, "The Caregiver's Guide To Kidney Disease: How to Support Loved OnesWhen a loved one is diagnosed with kidney disease, a cascade of questions, concerns, and uncertainties often follows. The path can seem intricate and daunting. Recognizing this immense challenge, James Fabin brings forth "The Caregiver's Guide To Kidney Disease," a meticulously curated guidebook designed to light the way for caregivers and families of those battling this condition. 

Together, these books offer a lifeline for those seeking to regain control over their health and well-being. With a wealth of insights, personal experiences, and evidence-based strategies, James Fabin provides readers with the tools and motivation to navigate the challenges of kidney disease. Whether you're newly diagnosed or looking for ways to improve your kidney health, these books are essential companions on your journey towards a brighter, healthier future.

Are you with a Library? Contact me about speaking at your library and sharing my journey. I would be thrilled to visit your library, especially in smaller or underserved areas, to help spread the word about kidney disease and the importance of early detection and intervention.

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