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Grocery Shopping Tips For Improved Kidney Health

Grocery Shopping for Improved Kidney Health

Dadvice TV has curated a list of common foods for a Kidney-Friendly diet in which your goal is to improve your health.  These foods are low phosphorus, low potassium, low sodium and put little stress on the kidneys when incorporated into a healthy diet.  Remember to eat these foods in moderation and follow a balanced diet with foods from all food groups.  For maximum health, it is best to select brands that do not contain artificial ingredients, preservatives, or GMOs.  If you have diabetes, limit carbohydrate portions of starches, fruit, and sweets.  Consult with your doctor or dietitian to customize this list to your specific needs - this list is only a starting point to demonstrate the variety of foods many kidney patients enjoy.  THIS IS NOT A DIET - your diet will come from YOUR health care team and be unique to you.  Always read labels for added Phosphorus – not all brands are the same. A more detailed and extensive list is available in the book Conquering The Kidney Diet by James Fabin.

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