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Making a lasting impact in the lives of those with kidney disease

Founded in 2018 and counted among the largest patient-run kidney resources online in the world, Dadvice TV advocates for better kidney patient care and early intervention.  Every week, Dadvice TV hosts interactive video broadcasts with experts on Facebook and its YouTube channel, covering various aspects of kidney health.  Dadvice TV wants everyone’s kidneys to stay healthy and is committed to the awareness, prevention, and early treatment of kidney disease. 

James' Story

I was just like most people, going about my life and not giving much thought to my health. Life was busy as I did my best to be a good husband and a great father. Then one day, my life was forever changed. I had been sick for several weeks, and I was sure it was food poisoning. My family doctor knew it was something serious and had me go directly to the ER. I remember most of that day, but there are gaps. I arrived at the ER and stepped out of my car, only to collapse. It was difficult remaining conscious, it was a struggle to walk, and I somehow ended up in a wheelchair, then in a room with IVs in my arms. I was admitted to the ICU and was poked, prodded, scanned, and questioned by many doctors and specialists.


The next day is when I first heard those words, “You have Renal Failure.” I was told I would need dialysis and a transplant and that there was no chance of improving. I was devastated. Dialysis would mean the end of my high-stress yet rewarding career. I refused to accept dialysis was the only solution.


From that moment on, I did everything I could to learn about Chronic Kidney Disease, global treatment strategies, and the importance of eating the right diet. I was determined to avoid going on dialysis, and I summoned the Super Nerd inside of me to science the heck out of fighting kidney disease. 


I discovered inspiration! With the help of my amazing family doctor, I fought Kidney Disease and quickly started to improve.  I discovered hope! I went from feeling like a zombie to feeling energetic and alive.  I discovered better tomorrows. In about a year, my GFR improved from 13 to 29, and my life returned to normal.

I discovered that Kidney Disease was not the end, but instead, the start of a healthier lifestyle focused on preserving kidney function!

My knowledge of Kidney Disease comes from extensive research and being highly engaged with my health team. I also completed the American Kidney Fund (AKF) Kidney Health Coach Program. As a Kidney Health Coach, I have access to newly updated educational resources, and access to support and guidance from dedicated AKF staff members. As a coach, I strive to be a role model of health for people fighting kidney disease. I also understand that there is no one "right way" to treat kidney disease, and we must each work closely with our health care teams to find our own best path forward.


I AM NOT A DOCTOR - I am not qualified to give medical advice. Do not substitute your doctor's medical treatment with the information I share. What is working for me may not work for you - use this information to ask more questions of your health care team so that you have the most opportunities to improve! Everyone should ALWAYS review any changes to your treatment strategy with your health care team first. I can't stress it enough - DO NOT SELF PRESCRIBE TREATMENT.

I encourage everyone to never stop learning - the more you learn about Chronic Kidney Disease, nutrition, and living healthy, the better you can help yourself and others.


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