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Making a lasting impact in the lives of those with kidney disease

Early Life and Challenges

My journey, like many others, has been a rollercoaster of challenges and triumphs. Born into a world where health often takes a backseat, I, James Fabin, found myself in the throes of a life-altering diagnosis: kidney failure. This wasn't just a minor hiccup; it was a seismic shift in my life's trajectory. The doctors were grim, giving me a mere 45 days to live without dialysis. Imagine that – just over a month to wrap up your life's story. But I wasn't ready to put a full stop to my tale.

Turning Point: Diet and Lifestyle Changes

Refusing to be a passive character in my own story, I turned to diet and lifestyle changes. This wasn't a simple task. It required immense research, unwavering discipline, and a complete overhaul of my life as I knew it. But the results? They were nothing short of miraculous. I managed to defy the odds, avoiding dialysis for over five years – a feat that even I sometimes find hard to believe.

Dadvice TV: A Platform for Change

In this whirlwind of personal transformation, I realized that my story could inspire and educate others. That's how Dadvice TV was born. It's not just a YouTube channel; it's a beacon of hope for those navigating the murky waters of kidney disease. I've had the privilege of interviewing kidney experts, renal dietitians, and sharing not just my story, but the stories of many who are fighting the same battle.

Authoring a New Chapter: My Books

My passion for spreading awareness and knowledge didn't stop at digital media. I penned three books: "Conquering Kidney Disease," "Conquering the Kidney Diet," and "The Caregivers Guide to Kidney Disease." These aren't just collections of pages and words; they are lifelines for those seeking to understand and combat kidney disease. They encapsulate the knowledge, tips, and tricks that have been instrumental in my journey.

Family: My Source of Strength and Inspiration

Behind every challenge I've faced, my family has been my unwavering support system. Being a father of two incredible children has been a source of joy and motivation. They are not just spectators in my journey; they are active participants, helping spread awareness about kidney disease and the importance of early detection.

Storytelling: A Tool for Connection and Education

I've always believed that the power of storytelling can transform the most complex medical jargon into relatable, understandable narratives. My approach has always been to infuse humor and simplicity into my conversations, making the daunting world of kidney health less intimidating.

Core Beliefs

  1. Work with Healthcare Professionals: James Fabin is a firm believer in working closely with healthcare professionals for optimum health.

  2. Science-Backed Information: All information disseminated through Dadvice TV is based on proven scientific research, ensuring its credibility.

  3. Quality of Life: His aim isn’t just to prolong life but to improve its quality, emphasizing the importance of diet and lifestyle changes.

My journey is far from over. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. Through Dadvice TV, my books, and my personal experiences, I aim to continue being a beacon of hope and a source of reliable information for those affected by kidney disease. The road might be long and winding, but with perseverance, education, and a bit of humor, it's a journey worth taking.


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