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Dadvice TV YouTube Membership Benefits


Welcome – you are about to join the Dadvice TV YouTube community where you’re able to contribute to help me create new content. I appreciate all of those who have joined, and for those on the fence right now, you’re probably wondering, “What do I get?”. Let me tell you:

First you will get exclusive badges next to your name in the comments and live chat to let others know you are a kidney warrior who is helping support Dadvice TV through a membership.

There will also be custom emoji’s to use in the live chat.

Early access to new videos!

One thing I’m excited about when you join Dadvice TV as a channel membership is that you will be able to get access to videos that I usually wouldn’t publish – they are not polished and scripted; it’s more the raw straight talk. These are videos that are not accessible to others and only for members.

I’ll also be creating videos that answer selected questions posted in the comments of other videos. Think of it as a private Q&A. I won’t be able to do that with every question, but each month I’ll select some comments and create video responses. On the public part of the Dadvice TV channel, there are topics I don’t discuss for one reason or another – we won’t have those obstacles in the member's area – so the topics may get pretty deep.

I will share behind the scenes videos and bloopers.

I’m also someone who loves to save money and I’m always looking for ways to get discounts for the Dadvice TV community. As I establish discounts for us, I’ll be sharing those with members first.

And last, you get to feel great knowing you are helping to support our community of Kidney Warriors and the production of new content.

So if that sounds great, go ahead and hit that join button and join our amazing community.

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