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Diuretics And Kidney Function - How Diuretics Impact Your GFR


Episode 57: Diuretics And Kidney Function - How Diuretics Impact Your GFR.

What is a diuretic
Commonly known as a “water pill”, a diuretic stimulates the amount of water and salt expelled from the body. These come in a number of forms, including prescription, over the counter, and natural.

Why use a diuretic
• Control blood pressure
• Control Potassium levels in people with elevated potassium
• Fluid Retention (sodium)

POLL – Do you currently take a diuretic?

Are diuretics safe for CKD patients?
Always check with your doctor first – it is important to never get dehydrated and proper hydration is important when taking a diuretic. For those with CKD, dehydration is even more harmful. That said, there are cases where doctors will recommend a diuretic for a patient with CKD. These including treating high blood pressure, Edema (swelling), release sodium, and to help lessen fluid restrictions.

How does a diuretic work?

Do diuretics help flush toxins from my system?
Technically yes – to a small amount. But do not see diuretics as a boost to your kidney function. They do increase the workload on your kidneys and by doing so, they can help a slight amount at expelling more toxins, but for most people they are not…they are just diluting the concentration within your liquid waste. Diuretics do help flush potassium, sodium, and chloride.

Can a diuretic increase my GFR?
In certain cases there can be a bump in a persons GFR, but for the majority of people, extended use of a diuretic can actually cause your GFR to decline and your BUN to increase.

Should you avoid diuretics?
No – but don’t prescribe one to yourself without consulting with your doctor. When properly used at a doctor’s direction, they can be beneficial in helping control blood pressure, reducing swelling, and allow a person to lessen their fluid restriction.

When it comes to living with Chronic Kidney Disease, balance is the underlying key to a successful treatment strategy. From eating a balanced healthy diet, to finding the right range for your blood pressure. The more things we can get into the right ranges, the right balance, the less our symptoms will be and the better we can enjoy our lives with CKD.

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