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Kidney Disease Treatment Best Resources


Episode 225 Kidney Disease Treatment Best Resources. There are a lot of kidney disease treatment resources online - some are helpful, some are complex and confusing, and some are scams. Meet the Kidney Communities BEST content creators, the ones you SHOULD be following. These Kidney Content Creators are living with Kidney Disease and helping to improve the lives of others living with Kidney Disease. Learn more about them as they talk about what they have done in 2021 and what is to come in 2022.

Steve L. Belcher, RN, MSN, MS is Executive Director of Urban Kidney Alliance, Inc. a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to kidney disease education and information to communities at risk for diabetes, hypertension, and kidney disease. He is an author, senior producer, and host at the Urban Health Outreach Media Network. In 2020, he received the Presidential Volunteerism Service Award Gold Medal for Volunteer Services in the community. .Steve Belcher is also a dialysis nurse clinician with over thirty-five years in the dialysis industry.

Instagram: SteveTheKidneyNurse
Twitter: @SteveTheKidney1
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Jared A Brown is kidney disease patient advocate. He has a sister in law, who has chronic kidney disease. He also has an older brother and uncle, who have Polycystic kidney disease.

Jared has hosted a weekly online show on the Urban Health Outreach Media Network since March 6, 2019. This show is called the Warriors Quest Show. He interviews a chronic disease patient every week and spotlights his/her need for a living donor.

Jared A Brown - Kidney Disease Patient Advocate
The Warriors Quest Show

Jonathan Traylor, 44, Proud Father of 2, Married to Melissa 20 years, Survivor of a Near Death Experience with Kidney Failure in 2019, Received a Kidney Transplant by way of Direct Donation in 2020. I founded Hope with Jonathan based on my Kidney Disease Story.

Hope with Jonathan
“We Share Stories of Hope”

Hope with Jonathan puts the spotlight on the patients story giving them a platform to express their personal journey with battling kidney disease, experiencing kidney failure & having to do dialysis, waiting for transplant and more.

Find more info here:

Meet Mr. Kidney:
Hi, my name is Sam and 12 years ago I had a kidney transplant. Now I spend most of my days focusing on my health and wellness. So I decided to start MrKidney here on YouTube to not only hold myself accountable but to help others along the way. So, whether you're a kidney patient or somebody who would like to better your current health. Please join me and subscribe to MrKidney.
Instagram: _MrKidney
Twitter: @MrKidneyOnYouTube

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