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Prevent Kidney Failure: What to do when your kidneys are crying for help to avoid kidney failure


Episode 25: Prevent Kidney Failure: What to do when your kidneys are crying for help and avoid kidney failure. Just because you have chronic kidney disease does not mean you have to progress to kidney failure. Here is what you can to when your kidneys are crying for help and most of these are simple lifestyle changes. Follow these kidney health tips to help stop slow down, or reverse lost kidney function and avoid additional kidney damage. These tips should be part of your chronic kidney disease treatment. In 5 months, I have gone from Stage 5 to Stage 3 as improved my kidney function, gained more energy, resolved breathing problems, battled itchy skin and fatigue, and more. Kidney Disease is a serious illness and the symptoms often do not show up. Symptoms include metallic taste, bad breath, itching, puffy eyes, lower back pain, swelling, water retention, and heart issues as toxins build up in your blood. Damaged kidneys can no longer filter toxins and waste from your blood, compounding the problems.

Preventing kidney failure can be done with the right kidney disease knowledge, kidney disease diet, blood pressure and blood sugar management, lifestyle changes, and avoiding bad habits for kidney health. Prevent kidney failure and never need dialysis - avoid kidney failure and keep living an active life. Don't settle for the myth that just because you have kidney disease you can't prevent kidney failure!

How to improve Kidney Health, Beat CKD, and Avoid Dialysis Playlist:

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