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Supplements for Kidney Disease. Dietitians Insights on commonly promoted supplements


Episode 70: Supplements for Kidney Disease. Dietitians Insights on commonly promoted supplements. Renal Dietitian Jen and kidney health coach James discuss supplements for kidney disease from our experience. Kidney patients often want to try supplements to improve kidney function after doing online searches. We look at common supplements kidney patients often run across online and share helpful insights - from supplements that can help, to kidney supplements that do nothing, to some supplements that can harm your kidneys and accelerate kidney failure.

10:20 Resveratrol
11:25 Cocoa
13:33 Caution
14:25 Alpha Lipoic Acid
16:22 Salvia (not recommended)
20:28 Chitin (not recommended)
25:35 Omega 3
25:49 ProRenal+D
26:28 Keto analogs (not recommended)
30:38 Renadyl (not enough evidence for effectiveness)
37:27 Kidney Korrect (not enough evidence for effectiveness)
42:02 Turmric (absorbs better with black pepper)
44:36 Apple Cider Vinegar
48:32 CoQ10 (Safer supplement)
50:43 Carb Blockers (more evidence needed)
51:43 Baking Soda (Sodium bicarbonate)
1:02:02 Nutritional yeast
1:05:40 Renavit

We talk about the following kidney supplements: Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), CoQ10, Renadyl, Pro-Renal+D (a renal multivitamin), Omega 3, Resveratrol, Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA), Salvia, Chitosan, Amino Acids like Albutrix and Ketorena, Turmeric (with Ginger and Black Pepper), ACV (apple cider vinegar), Astragulus, and Kidney korrect. Learn which ones may be helpful, which most likely do nothing, and which can be harmful to people with chronic kidney disease. Many of these are promoted online as kidney cures with claims such as "reverse kidney disease with baking soda", making them sound appealing. But the truth is, you need to work with your health care team to determine which supplements you need and which you might benefit from. Never self-prescribe supplements - always consult with your doctor or dietitian first.

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IMPORTANT: This video is intended to be informational only. It is not a medical consultation, nor is it personalized medical advice. This video is not meant to replace a physician's advice, supervision, and counsel. For medical advice, please consult your physician.

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