Vitamin A and Kidney Disease

Episode 125: Vitamin A and Kidney Disease. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that promotes the growth of cells and tissues and helps protect against infection. Vitamin A and kidney disease can be problematic if levels are elevated, so be careful not to take supplements containing Vitamin A. Renal Dietitian Jen Hernandez shares insights on Vitamin A and Kidney Disease.

While excessive amounts of vitamin A don’t appear to have a direct effect on your kidneys, a study found that end-stage kidney failure patients on hemodialysis had high calcium levels as a result of taking a multivitamin that included vitamin A.

If you have hypercalcemia, otherwise known as high calcium levels in the blood, review your supplements and talk with your doctor about the potential causes. Excessive vitamin A could be part of it, but there are other more common reasons for high calcium levels, including too much vitamin D.

Another study including children with chronic kidney disease not on dialysis found that for every 10% drop in eGFR, there was a 13% increase in vitamin A levels. It’s important to note that those with higher levels of vitamin A in their system had achieved it from supplements.

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