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Kidney Disease Survivor Empowers Millions with Groundbreaking Guide to Thriving with CKD

James Fabin, Once Given 45 Days to Live, Shares His Transformative Journey and Proven Strategies in 'Conquering Kidney Disease


Renowned kidney health advocate and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) survivor, James Fabin, announced today the release of his groundbreaking book, "Conquering Kidney Disease - A Survivor's Guide to Thriving with CKD." This comprehensive guide offers an empowering and transformative approach for the estimated 37 million people in the United States living with CKD.


As someone who was once diagnosed with Stage 5 Kidney Failure and given just 45 days to live without dialysis, Fabin knows firsthand the fear and uncertainty that comes with a CKD diagnosis. Defying the odds, he managed to avoid dialysis and now, nearly five years later, he shares his invaluable insights and effective strategies through this book.


"Through my journey with CKD, I learned that a diagnosis is not a death sentence, and that with the right information and mindset, it's possible to lead a fulfilling life," said Fabin. "My aim with 'Conquering Kidney Disease' is to share these insights and strategies with others, to empower them to manage their disease and improve their quality of life."


"Conquering Kidney Disease" presents a unique blend of personal experience and evidence-based practices, offering hope and guidance to those grappling with the realities of CKD. It provides readers with the knowledge and tools necessary to slow the progression of the disease through nutrition and lifestyle changes. The book's emphasis on the importance of a heart-healthy, individualized diet not only helps slow CKD progression but can reduce the need for dialysis, and empower individuals to lead longer, better lives.


Written from a patient's perspective, this book serves as a compassionate guide for individuals living with kidney disease, healthcare professionals, and anyone interested in understanding the complexities of managing kidney disease effectively.


"Conquering Kidney Disease - A Survivor's Guide to Thriving with CKD" is now available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and can be ordered from any bookstore using the ISBN 9798393242084.


About James Fabin

James Fabin, a devoted husband and father, has emerged as a leading figure in kidney health advocacy. Following his personal battle with CKD, he has dedicated himself to enhancing CKD awareness and patient empowerment, combining personal insights with evidence-based knowledge.


For more information about "Conquering Kidney Disease - A Survivor's Guide to Thriving with CKD," please visit or contact James Fabin at

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