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Dadvice TV to Host Kidney Health Week, Spotlighting the Connection Between Kidney Disease and Nutrition

(CINCINNATI, July 30, 2020) – Dadvice TV, a one-stop resource to learn about chronic kidney disease, diet and management methods, is pleased to announce that it will be holding a Kidney Health Week from August 1, 2020 to August 7, 2020. Every day of the week, Dadvice TV will host interactive video broadcasts with experts on Facebook and its YouTube channel, covering various aspects of kidney health.

Dadvice TV wants everyone’s kidneys to stay healthy. The Kidney Health Week will bring renowned guests to shed light on various aspects of the disease each day. The expert panel will include author John Vito (‘Cooking for Your Kidneys’), renal dietitian Jen Hernandez, Sara Bitter, Dr. Qasim Butt (‘Your Kidneys Your Health’), Dr. Robert Kracker, the company Kibow Biotech, Nephroceuticals and others.

Around 15% of US adults, 37 million people, are estimated to suffer from CKD, as per data from CDC. The big worrying aspect of this disease is that 9/10 adults with CKD do not know they suffer from it. Even those with low kidney function who are not on dialysis aren’t aware of having the disease.

The Kidney Health Week aims to educate, inspire and motivate patients and the general public about the dangers of CKD and how it can be detected early on and fought. Visitors will also learn the remarkable story of Founder James Fabin, who managed to beat kidney failure and avoided the need for dialysis and transplant through changes in diet and lifestyle.

“I welcome everyone to log in to Dadvice TV during the upcoming Kidney Health Week. Our experts will speak on one aspect of kidney health each day and also share tips on how kidney patients can improve their quality of life,” says James Fabin.

Founded in 2018 and counted among the largest patient run kidney resources online in the world, Dadvice TV advocates for better kidney patient care and early intervention. The online portal hosts a weekly Live broadcast called the Renal Diet Chat with renal dietitian Jen Hernandez and kidney health coach James, tackling a new kidney related topic every week along with viewpoints, tips, and experiences.

For more information about guest speakers, topics, and broadcast times of the Kidney Health Week, please visit:



About Dadvice TV

Dadvice TV is a kidney patient support group focused on transforming early kidney treatment to improve the quality of life for kidney patients globally. Dadvice TV is committed to the awareness, prevention, and early treatment of kidney disease. As of July 28, 2020, Dadvice TV has served over 6.76 million video views online, gained over 85,500 subscribers on YouTube, and brought nutritional information from renal dietitians to kidney patients worldwide. To learn more, visit:


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