Diabetes And Kidney Disease Diet: What Diabetic CKD Patients Need To Know From A Renal Dietitian

Episode 191: Diabetes And Kidney Disease Diet: What Diabetic CKD Patients Need To Know From A Renal Dietitian. It can be challenging enough to follow a renal diet or diabetic diet, but a renal diabetic diet? It can be so confusing with all the things to avoid with diabetes and kidney disease. Renal dietitian Jen Hernandez of Plant-Powered Kidneys shares what you need to know about the renal diabetic diet.

Renal Dietitian Jen Hernandez will discuss the following about Diabetes And Kidney Disease Diet:
What to know about Chronic Kidney Disease & Diabetes
-Chronic Kidney Disease
Foods to Eat in a Diabetes And Kidney Disease Diet
-Complex Carbohydrates
-Lean and Plant Proteins
-Healthy Fats
-Renal Diabetic Diet food list
Foods to Limit on a Diabetes And Kidney Disease Diet
-Unhealthy Fats
-Phosphorus Additives
-Multivitamin vs Renal Multivitamin

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