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Discover the best diet and body weight to preserve kidney function with Dr. Rosansky


Episode 297: Join me, James Fabin of Dadvice TV, as I team up with the esteemed Nephrologist Dr. Rosansky to bring you essential insights into maintaining optimal kidney health. In this must-watch episode, we delve deep into the best diet and body weight practices to preserve kidney function and slow the progression of kidney disease. Whether you've been navigating the challenges of kidney health for years or just looking to stay informed, this video is your go-to guide for understanding the vital connection between diet and kidney function.

Discover the transformative power of a tailored kidney diet, learn the strategies to slow kidney disease effectively, and hear firsthand from Dr. Rosansky the latest in nephrology research and clinical wisdom. We break down complex medical terms into easy-to-understand concepts, ensuring you're equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to take control of your kidney health.

We're not just sharing advice; we're sharing a lifeline for those seeking to enhance their quality of life while living with kidney disease. So, whether you're newly diagnosed, a long-term fighter, or supporting a loved one on their journey, this video is your beacon of hope and empowerment. Tune in to unlock the secrets of preserving kidney function and embracing a life full of vitality and wellness.

Get Dr. Rosansky's helpful book ""Learn The Facts About Kidney Disease"" at

Dr. Rosansky is a highly respected nephrologist and an esteemed author of the book ""Learn the Facts about Kidney Disease"". With an illustrious career dedicated to the field of nephrology, he has made a significant impact on countless lives through his clinical practice and his insightful writing. His book has served as an essential guide for many patients navigating kidney disease, demystifying complex medical concepts and providing practical advice for managing the condition. Dr. Rosansky's commitment to patient education and his deep expertise in kidney health have firmly established him as a leading authority in the field of nephrology.
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IMPORTANT: This video is intended to be informational only. It is not a medical consultation, nor is it personalized medical advice. This video is not meant to replace a physician's advice, supervision, and counsel. For medical advice, please consult your physician.

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