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Renal Diet Foods - Best Foods For Renal Diet and Chronic Kidney Disease to prevent kidney failure


Episode 55: Renal Diet Foods - Best Foods For Renal Diet and Chronic Kidney Disease to prevent kidney failure. Prevent further kidney damage or kidney failure by following a kidney disease diet, also known as a renal diet and eating foods safe for kidney disease patients. You can eat almost any foods on a Renal Diet once you know what to watch for, the most important being portion size. Learn how to work with a renal dietitian and what to track in your daily meals so that you can enjoy more foods while living with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Knowing the best food list for kidney disease patients and the best foods for your kidneys will greatly expand your renal diet meal plans and allow you to better enjoy dining with friends. Always work with a renal dietitian to customize your diet to your own needs and labs. A renal failure diet will have different requirements than a diet for dialysis patients or those with less severe kidney disease. Download a kidney failure diet food list to help you making renal diet meal by knowing foods to eat for kidney problems.

Through diet, you can minimize, treat, and even prevent symptoms of kidney disease. This is known as renal nutrition therapy and has been extremely effective for me at improving my kidney function.

People with compromised kidney function must adhere to a renal or kidney diet to cut down on the amount of waste in their blood. Wastes in the blood come from food and liquids that are consumed. When kidney function is compromised, the kidneys not filter or remove waste properly. If waste is left in the blood, it can negatively affect a patient’s electrolyte levels. Following a kidney diet may also help promote kidney function and slow the progression of complete kidney failure.

A renal diet is one that is typically low in sodium, phosphorous, potassium, and protein. A renal diet also emphasizes the importance of consuming the right protein and modifying your diet based on your labs. Every person’s body is different, and therefore, it is crucial that each patient works with a renal dietitian work to come up with a diet that is tailored to the patient’s needs.

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IMPORTANT: I AM NOT A DOCTOR. Patients should always be under the care of a physician and defer to their physician for any and all treatment decisions. This video is not meant to replace a physician's advice, supervision, and counsel. No information in the video should be construed as medical advice. All medical decisions should be made by the patient and a qualified physician. This video is for informational purposes only and DOES NOT CONSTITUTE THE PROVIDING OF MEDICAL ADVICE.

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